The early bird sucks

It’s really sad: procrastination is faster than half of the people: some are early-birds and jump out of bed before the bell rings. Brim over with energy and zest.

I just can say – lucky people.

The other ones, like me, and maybe like you, if you are reading this, are the owls – hard to get out of bed in the morning. And when out of bed no-one should dare to talk to us.

Do you hate the saying “the early-bird catches the worm?”

(c), Bernal Saborio
(c), Bernal Saborio

As if I were a late bloomer, doomed to fail because there is nothing left to gain this day.

I used to defend by saying: “No, you are wrong. The saying goes: the early worm is caught by the bird.”

This calms my mood and takes the pressure off of me.

However, having a hard time getting up early can suck a lot of energy. It is a bad starting point and quite demotivating. Being in office at 10 a.m. when you realize all the others have worked 2 hours already… urgh.

How about getting over this bad habit?

Seems impossible?

It only seems.

There are tons of tips for getting up early. I tried them all and was very talented in inventing more loony magic pills to achieve this.

(You know… getting water in the face… drinking coffee in bed… biorhythm alarm bell…)

The real problem is the bad self-talk. You can wish to get up early as bad as you can. If you are subconsciously convinced that sleeping a bit longer is better – you will.

It is hard to change your self-talk. (I’ll teach you how, but later…)

So what to do?

The only thing that worked for me is to make an appointment with someone else.

Appointments with yourself – I’ll go jogging, enjoy the morning, do great work till 9 a.m. – will easily be broken.

(c), Bagus bh
(c), Bagus bh

However, having an appointment with someone else is hard to break. Unless you really don’t care about others.

It does not have to be complicated or an important issue. Just make a habit to, for example, meet your colleague at starbucks. Call a friend, your parents. Take the dog for a walk or bring your kids to school.

The duty you have set and the potential awkward feeling when others are disappointed are stronger than your thoughts about a cozy pillow or the cold room when getting up.

You only have to make sure that you have a fixed time and place, say 8 a.m. starbucks.

Easy trick, big effect.

Just make this small habit, no excuses. You will be rewarded with pride and drive throughout the day.

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