Who is Konrad Karlson?

Hi, I’m Konrad Karlson.
If you’re here, chances are it’s because you want to get more motivation, strive and energy. You want success with your passion projects or your duties.
In a nutshell, you are here because you’re pretty serious about improving your quality of life.

I have achieved many things other people dream of. Like having a job I love, owning enough money. And having a loving wife and a curious, lovely son. I was not always that happy and successful.

So who was Konrad Karlson?
I want to be totally honest with you. Konrad Karlson is just my pen name. My real name is . Just google my name and you will find out more about me. And that I am a real person. No English native can pronounce , so I changed it. The best friend of my son is called Carl. I like this name. Like Charles the Great (Charlemagne), a former emperor in Europe. And now I have this pen name Konrad Karlson, it rolls nicely off the tongue, like Tina Turner or Marilyn Monroe. Did you know, Marilyn Monroe is also just a pen name? Her real name was Norma Jean Baker.

I was born in Germany in 1981.
I grew up with my parents and my older brother. He was and still is a genius, winning one after the other Mathematical or Physics Olympiad. This made me a backseat driver often standing in the shadow.

Already in school, I was really hard to motivate to do my assignments. I disliked languages and history. I would put off writing till the very last minute and got bad grades for the results.
And then there was this shyness. I felt nervous talking to strangers let alone talking to girls.

Often I was overwhelmed and tired of the things I was not capable of. I hated it how everyone around me seemed to get it. There were those cool guys being good at sports, making great parties and having girlfriends. And I missed out on many of these things for my entire childhood.

Luckily I entered college and could study what I wanted. Bioinformatics. This is computer science applied to biological data. However, I still had the problem of not getting motivated. I thought that this somehow sucked. Because, even now that I could study what I wanted, I still found no energy. I could not get my butt off to study.

Then, I had a rude awakening. I nearly dropped out of college because of failing in the first Mathematics exam. I thought, I am not good enough for this. While in reality I was “just” not motivated to study hard enough.

This was a shift in my life. I started to read and practice everything I could find about motivation. Then I extended it to success, goal setting and later time management. It took me really some time to find the strategies that worked. Because there is a lot of fluff out there. Everyone wants to be a success and motivation coach. Bookstores brim over with mediocre titles. Finally, I got my act together and finished my study and got a job.

I further improved my success habits and motivation. All these allowed my to acquire some great skills and reach many of my dream goals. I learned to play guitar and to sing. I got a great job in cancer research and have nice co-workers. I have a loving family and great friends.
You just can’t put a price on that. Waking up every single day with purpose and passion for what you do is quite simply the best feeling.
It took me many years to figure that one out for myself.
Had I been able to put the puzzle pieces together earlier, I would have gotten there much faster.

Now this sounds to good to be true. But it is true. However, I still struggled my fear of talking to people. I am currently doing comfort zone challenges. That is, I go out and talk to people. Just random strangers, asking them random stuff. Like, where is the next pharmacy or what time is it? I started doing this some years ago and nearly gave up in the beginning. But I learned that persistence is key to success. And as I know how to motivate my self, I can keep practicing those comfort zone challenges. My fear has really decreased over time and I am grateful for my persistence. With this increased confidence I can take on new projects like this one – I now built this website motivationmastery.org to help others to also become successful.

Why I do this? Just like working in cancer research and growing up a son. Any project where I can help people is giving me an incredible sense of purpose. Success without purpose is no real success. And, I want to be honest with you, I am making a bit of money by selling the most stealth part of my motivation and success information.

We live in incredible times. There is technology that allows you to do what you want, anytime, anywhere you want it. You can be a movie maker with your mobile phone. You can become an internet star. You can learn an instrument, a new language. You can travel and life in far away countries. Find friends and peers. Do awesome stuff and become a celebrity or just become rich. We can see many people doing this. You want to be part of these awesome people who get it. The opportunities to a fulfilling life are endless these days. But whatever goal you choose, the key is persistent effort. And therefor you need to know how to turn on your motivation as often and as strongly as you wish.

I want to help you reach your dream goals as well. Follow me at Facebook and join the email newsletter. I have many, free and actionable information with you to share.

I know how bad it is to miss out on things. To lack the energy to pursue your dream goals, to get and become what you deserve.
In fact, that’s the first lesson. Learn to say yes to yourself. You are good enough, you deserve to be successful.
Start your better life now. I will teach you to be awesome!

Konrad Karlson

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