7 Tips For Fighting Against Post-Party Depression


(c) wikimedia.org, Peter van der Sluijs
(c) wikimedia.org, Peter van der Sluijs

So finally it’s the end of the week – thank God it’s Friday – after a long week of office stress, classes or exams, there is a thought on your mind – why don’t I just unwind and ease off a little. It is party time; you say to yourself. So you decide to call your friends and have a great time with them, and everything seems incredible – or perhaps you choose to go chill and have fun in the desert all weekend, drenched up in those musical vibes until you find yourself the next morning feeling this Monday is perhaps a true disaster.


Your head’s spinning, ears are ringing aloud, there’s dirt between your toes, and all your most loved party fashion pieces are probably in wrinkles or a complete mess. Stay calm; you’ll find your way out of this somehow.

So if you have ever had your own fair share of a hangover, you must know the drill; exhaustion, banging headache and nausea. Have you ever felt depressed after a night of heavy partying and drinking? Yes? Then you are not alone.

(c) wikimedia.org, Jiri Hodan
(c) wikimedia.org, Jiri Hodan

Although depression is a lesser-known post-party condition, it can even be more adverse than the common signature headache. Nevertheless, scientists are yet to uncover actual causes of this emotional condition. It is proven that an excessive amount of alcoholic consumption can result in an imbalance nutrients and chemicals in the body which invariably results in depression and anxiety.

Therefore in this article, we shall look at

7 Tips For Fighting Against Post-Party Depression

1.    Reliving All The Fun Moments
Your phone probably died four times a day from all the videos and photos you snapped during your party adventure. Scroll through all your favorite pictures and remember the good times!

2.    Planning For Your Next Party Adventure
There is no great way to get over a party than planning for another one! Rally the troops and figure out your next big party excursion. Having something to look forward to will brighten your spirits exponentially.

(c) wikimedia.org, National Cancer Institute

3.    Creating The Ultimate Post-Party Playlist or Mix

(c) wikimedia.org, Kashirin Nickolai
(c) wikimedia.org, Kashirin Nickolai

Now that you’ve seen all your favorite bands totally crush it live, create your post-party playlist. Listen to all those perfect songs on repeat to get you through the day.

4.    Group Chat With Your Friends
Your party partners in crime are in the same boat you are. As you navigate the Monday blues, get on a group text and rehash all those little moments and memories that made your party experience totally bonkers.
5.    Change Your Drinking Attitude
An easy fix for post-party depression is to try and change your attitude towards drinking. If you are drinking to ease your stress or worries, there are a lot of more healthy ways to feel better. Try taking a yoga or meditation class for a small fee. If you would rather just relax, simply make for yourself a cup of hot tea. Or have a hot shower when you are feeling overwhelmed.

6.    Work Toward Setting New Goals
You cannot tell how you will feel after a party; however, after the party, you can observe yourself, especially if you have a history of not coping well after major parties. Otherwise, you don’t have anything to be concerned about; it’s just about moving on with your life and setting new plans for the next party and also working towards new goals.

7.    Go On A Cleansing Exercise
Odds are a weekend outdoors running and dancing from stage to stage took a toll on your body. Recover faster by purifying yourself! Drink tons of water, eat clean, and maybe grab a glass of juice or two to help your body recalibrate.



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